Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Just For Fun: My Coupon Binder

Standing 2.5 inches high and weighing nearly 5 pounds, here it is in all it's coupon binder!

There are lots of different ways to organize coupons. I have chosen the whole insert method. Each Sunday when I get my paper, I take out the inserts and write the date on the front of them. When I need coupons for my shopping trips, I go to the date of the insert and cut out only the coupons I am going to use. This saves me so much more time than clipping each and every coupon.

I kind of have 6 sections in my binder, but they are not really labeled. The first part houses store coupons. I use these binder sheet protectors from Staples. Each pocket has a sticky note on it for each store I shop. I use this section to plan for my weekly trips. When I am ready to go to the store, I just grab the coupons for that store from the pocket.

Next, I have whole inserts in standard sheet protectors. They are in date order.

I also have empty sheet protectors ready for new inserts when I get them in the paper.

For loose coupons, I use currency sheet protectors that I bought on ebay. I have them in 4 x 2...

2 x 3 (fits catalina coupons nicely)...

and 3 x 1 (fits printable coupons).

On the first of every month, I go through my binder and take out the expired coupons and move empty sheet protectors to the back. I have been using this method for over a year now and it has worked really well for me.

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