Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cleaning Up - Week 2: Stock a Cleaning Caddy

Now that we have a cleaning schedule in place, lets gather what we need to tackle these tasks. For Week 2 of our cleaning series, we are going to stock a cleaning caddy that will be easy to carry from room to room.

My cleaning caddy includes: Paper Towels, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Toilet Bowl Brush, Duster, Glass Cleaner, Rubber Gloves, Microfiber Cloths, Sponge, All-Purpose Cleaner, Shower Foam, Grout Brush, and Cleaning Wipes.

I got my caddy from Bed Bath and Beyond. It is the Casabella Nesting Storage Caddy. It cost $5.99 and nests in a 4-gallon bucket (which I did not purchase). In addition to my cleaning caddy, I have a vacuum cleaner, dustpan and broom, wet-cloth mop, and an extendable duster.

The magazine Real Simple suggests there are only 20 products you need to clean your entire house:
1. Microfiber Cloth - they are machine washable and can handle any chore
2. Toilet Brush - would you rather clean that toilet with your hand?
3. Scrub Brush - for burned food in the oven, soot in the fireplace, and tile needing scouring
4. Spray Bottle - to contain homemade cleaners
5. Rubber Gloves - to protect your skin
6. Toothbrush - for those tiny hard-to-reach areas like around the base of the bathroom faucet
7. Dry-Cleaning Sponge - attracts soot, dust, and pet hair without chemicals
8. Squeegee - leaves mirrors and shower doors streak-free
9. Broom - for those crumbs on the floor
10. Sponge Mop - for wet messes like muddy paw prints
11. Disinfecting Wipes - for quick cleaning like kitchen counters and table
12. Mild Abrasive - helps break down scum on tile and tubs
13. Dust Mop - because dust seems to come from nowhere, yet be everywhere
14. Extendable Duster - skip the ladder to reach cobwebs on fans and ceilings
15. White Vinegar - for mineral deposits on faucets and windows
16. Dishwashing Liquid - cleans just about anything
17. Vacuum - for carpets, curtains, and furniture
18. All-Purpose Cleaner - breaks down grease and prevents dirt from redepositing
19. Baking Soda - eliminates odors
20. Caddy - to keep all your cleaning products

Do you already have a cleaning caddy or bucket? What do you keep in it?

Next week, we will take a look at how to clean "green."

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